Thursday, November 22, 2007

Once a year

“It’s only once a year,” we say as we tuck in following a moment of poorly feigned reluctance. And it’s true: for those controlling their weight, as for everyone else, the obscene feast that is modern Thanksgiving happens only once annually. Once annually. So why not?

Other once-annual feast days you might observe:

    New Year’s Day
    Your bonus arrives
    Valentine’s Day
    St. Patrick’s Day
    Your significant other’s birthday
    Your best friend’s birthday
    Your birthday
    Your particular once-a-year feast day…with “the guys” or a sibling, your sorority, etc.
    Memorial Day
    Your anniversary
    Your kid’s birthday
    July 4th
    The weekend after July 4th
    Labor Day
    Ball game!
    The harvest
    Your sibling’s birthday
    Rosh Hashanah
    After the play
    Company Christmas party
    Holiday party
    Christmas Eve
    Christmas Day
    New Year’s Eve

I don’t know about you, but I’m going out for a run. I’ve got some once-a-year chowing down to do later.

To all of you, a healthy Thanksgiving, and my gratitude.

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Primer1 said...

Back at ya Braine.

adding The Feast of Deadlines Met and All Laundry's Eve to your list