Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Book that is on the CD

Someone invited me to join Goodreads.com, so I did. Judging by the name, you're not supposed to talk about books you didn't like. In any case, I gave up reading for blogging, but during my commute I've begun listening to books on CD(s). So far, The Abstinence Teacher and Pattern Recognition. Both good. I've got the new one from that Kite Whisperer guy cued up, and something else I forget. The trick is, get a librarian to marry you -- FREE BOOKS (for, you know, a week).

So that the books that are on the CD(s) don't get stale, and to reclaim some of that creative time I lost when I switched from training to driving, I think I'm going to bring a voice recorder for blog entries. I'll spare you my dramatic readings, though, and transcribe myself.

Is there a NaBloPoMo award for most boringest post?


Suzanne said...

I think you should velcro a video camera to your dash board and occasionally do a video blog post... just to mix it up. If nothing else, you could talk about the bad drivers and malls you pass.

Unknown said...

I don't know about an award for the most boring post, but "Proper Course" http://propercourse.blogspot.com/2007/11/pointlessness.html did some research on boring blogs and found that the ones he would have picked as boring actually have a somewhat large and loyal following. Ironically, the blog dedicated entirely to cataloging the change a guy finds on the ground has a much larger following than mine.

wcs said...

I see your most boring post and raise you my most inane post.

(if this shows up twice, it's not my fault.)

Bill Braine said...

Suzanne, I'm trying to bring IN readers, here.

Kathy, it's "most boringest." If we let the language slip, what have we left? Also, there's a CHANGE blog!? AWESOME.

Walt: you win. Even though it only showed up once.