Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Part XXXVIII: The Encheapening

Hi everyone! You're all going to get Christmas presents from us this year! But we're going to spend VERY MODESTLY. (Read: some of you might get HAPPY THOUGHTS directed your way! Merry merry!)

That circumstance is a result of one of those empty bank account situations that happen once or twice a year. Could it have anything to do with us buying a MODESTLY PRICED but still BRAND-NEW car? Why, yes, yes it could. Could it have something to do with rapidly up-spiraling health care costs and a new health plan, a hospitalization and some new prescriptions? Sure it could. How about the money we had to front to the plumber for the first of several repairs related to a leak? Yessssss. Anything else? Gas $3.24 a gallon and a combined daily commute of about 136 miles? Toss that in the hopper. How about a little oil heat? Why not?

We keep looking for evidence of our profligacy, but it's nowhere to be found. After moving upstate, my wife sold the caviar hose, the truffle flinger, and all but one of our diamond-encrusted hookers. We took back the shoe dispenser and the Armani tissues and the complete set of life-sized farm animals executed in Amedei Porcelana chocolate. Gone are the vintage solid gold nosepickers that once belonged to a notorious governor of Oklahoma, not to mention a Jeff Koons heart sculpture AND Jeff Koons's actual heart (sold it to a medical school in Grenada just to cover a heating oil delivery).

So, yeah, cheap holidays this year. It's just that, even recouping the funds from the loot acquired during our New York years, there's occasionally this HOLE just over the horizon. Sometimes it allows us a look inside. It's so big, and so deep—if we could figure out a way to sell it by the cubic yard, we'd be rich.


Anonymous said...

Ah ha. Oil heat. Thaaats why you're feeling so grinchy these days. Can't blame you. Just be glad you don't have to do Hanukkah too. @*&#%!

wcs said...

I gave xmas up for lent. Then I gave up lent.

And I'm not even catholic.

Anonymous said...

I once gave up Catholicism for Lent. Being very disciplined, I've been able to continue the sacrifice for about 32 years now.

Suzanne said...

136 miles combined commute? Yikes! I'll gladly take the happy thoughts... that's what my kids are getting from Santa this year, too.

Bill Braine said...

Funny thing -- apparently happy thoughts require money, too. At least, without money, happy thoughts seem harder to come by. Think I'll rent It's a Wonderful Life. Rent! D'oh!