Thursday, November 1, 2007

What You're Gonna Need

You've been renting for eight or nine years and you want to move out of the city and get a house. You can do this, because you can get your landlord to buy out your lease, because even though the rest of the country is hurting, home prices in Disneyland New York are still strong. Your shopping list:

cars (2)
shovels (2)
ice melt (50#)
rakes (4.5)
lawnmower, ride-on (1)
paint (6 gal.)
cat's paw (for prying up nails, carpet, etc.)
lock de-icer
garden hose
cinder blocks
duct tape
more furniture
hangers (2 dz)
televisions (2)
Duraflame™ logs (4)
needlepoint: "bless this house" (1)
kids (2.5)
welcome mat

I'll try to keep this list up to date. Feel free to add your own findings in comments.


wcs said...

What, no duct tape?

Bill Braine said...

D'oh! Fixed.

Magpie said...

1 toilet plunger per toilet
cup hooks
barbecue grill
charcoal, for the above

Anonymous said...

Power tools, or at least a power screwdriver/drill.
Oh, and my mother-in-law would say "guest towels" (those paper towel-napkin-y things for the bathroom)
Heather from WW

Bill Braine said...

This is great, team. Keep 'em coming.

Allen key (for Ikea)
fire extinguishers
smoke detectors
gas can

Anonymous said...

batteries, flashlights, and gobs of money to fix all the stuff the previous owners did wrong.

Alana said...

Wastebaskets! Hundreds of them.

Anonymous said...

extension chords
bocce balls
garbage pick-up schedule
bear spray

Magpie said...

Everything from Ikea comes with its own allen key. So we have dozens. Do you want some?

Bill Braine said...


Bill Braine said...

Hard hat

Anonymous said...

Nobody EVER buys, or needs, a hard hat.

Bill Braine said...

I added that after I smacked my head on a joist in the crawlspace. BUT YOU DON'T EXIST AND I'M NOT LISTENING LALALALA.

BarbaraCA said...

throw rug
welcome mat
rusty swing set
garden hose, and an extra hose when you drive over the first hose

Heather B. said...

Wheelbarrow. One for actual use and one to keep in the backyard to become overgrown with stuff.

Snowblower in the event that this global warming thing doesn't pan out.