Thursday, June 26, 2008

Taking Out the Garbage

Our household waste goes into a bunch of piles.
  • Compost
  • Glass, plastic, metal
  • Cardboard, paper
  • Back to the diaper service
  • Traditional garbage -- paper towels/tissues, packaging, non-compost food waste
  • The corpses of those who would call us self-righteous and smug

So what's actually great about this is that I get to go outside a lot, where the animals dwell. It's not that we're BETTER than anyone else. Anyone who clogs our landscape -- and the children, and freedom -- with cigarette butts, Schlitz cans, old stuffed animals, etc., is perfectly fine with me. I just like making piles. And if every time I wash out a dirty cloth diaper it makes the Virgin Mary smile, so much the better.

I can't believe I'm going to post this, but I checked in the bucket of things to say and it was empty except for this post. You have my apologies. Do check back sometime, wouldya?

UPDATE: You deserve better. Here's something from the commute:


wcs said...

Schlitz cans? They still make that stuff?

Magpie said...

how is it that you can drive AND take pictures? and you're probably talking on your cell phone and drinking coffee at the same time?

Bill Braine said...

I pull over.

Mark said...

Hey Bill- Where is that shot from? I know your route, but can't quite place it.
Mapman must know.

Amanda said...

I'e been working on the assumption that paper towels and tissues are compostable waste. I'm interested to know why they may not be?

Bill Braine said...

Bleach, basically. And in the case of tissues, whatever you used it for.

Do they break down well?