Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Lies Beneath

That's right, NaBloPoMo, BRING IT ON. I'm posting TWICE today. The real reason? After waiting five years to write something about the Bigfoot Conference, I thought it was so lame and short that I'm giving you, my readers, a little lagniappe to make up for it.

And by a little, I mean very little. Don't get your hopes up.

Anyway, as I do most weekends, what with one thing or another, I spent some time on my belly under the house yesterday, poking around, taking pictures of mold, pulling out some wet insulation. Call it a hobby. In any case, as I tugged a sheet of insulation, a little acorn fell out and rolled onto the floor. An enterprising mouse had clearly put it aside for winter. Awwww.

Then I rolled the insulation over and became a cartoon as an avalanche of acorns rained down on my head, scattering everywhere.

Cute x 100!


Magpie said...

Yeah, cute.

One year, my father decided it would be nice to feed the birds. I swear, 90% of the bird seed was dragged into the house by mice, and deposited - in shoes, on the tops of hats, in a drawer. Cute. Very cute.

Bill Braine said...

A friend just told us over dinner how she was sitting in her kitchen the other day when a bear wandered up, ripped the birdfeeder off the windowsill about five feet away, and carried it off. So I'll take mice.

wcs said...

Oh my, what will the poor critters eat now?

Somebody's hard work is all for naught.