Thursday, May 24, 2007

Warning: Trite Opening Paragraph

Eleven and a half years ago, a somewhat overweight Manhattan bachelor with a decent head for words, a blazing-fast set of typist’s fingers and a pleasant demeanor shuffled into an upper east side auction house on the first day of a temp assignment.

Yesterday, that guy, now married, a country squire with two kids and 60 pounds lighter, with the same head, hands and WPM but a different title and responsibilities, quit.

(Hint: ^ me)

As with every other thing I’ve ever done, leaving has not gone the way I imagined it would. While my part-time job has been whinging about my commute, my efforts to change it have been scattered. I’ve read books, I’ve taken classes, I’ve written manifestos; I’ve taken on freelance work I barely have time to complete, but it hasn’t solved the basic economic problem of living relatively NEAR New York without working IN New York.

No, it was a headhunter saved the day, and I don’t even hardly want to know how they found me. This is an excellent opportunity, north of town, which will cut my commuting time in half and pay me more, while I get to learn about a new industry. I start in late June.

I haven’t driven to work since 1994.

What does that mean for Exurbitude? I’ll tell you what it means. Now I’m REALLY EX-urbitudinal! Let’s make fun of New York City! WOOOOO! Transplants and expats unite! WooooooOOOO!!!

PS: As before, I won’t be blogging about work. (Although here's something I wrote last week for my current employer.)

PPS: I rarely say “Wooo” in person, and when I do, it’s satire.


Anonymous said...

Wooo, indeed! This mysterious new gig sounds great. And the opening paragraph was not trite -- you take that back!

Bill Braine said...

Okay, then, "hackneyed." Better?

Magpie said...

Good luck! Can you find me something north of the City so I too can drive to work? Actually, I just want to retire and tend to my jardin.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I'm a sucker for trite (whoops, hackneyed) openers...

Congrats on the new gig. I somehow wheedled my way into working at home 2 years ago (first in Italy, now in Minnesota) and it's been an amazing transformation, just not dealing with the commute. I felt like I got a piece of my soul back. I wish for you the same sense of peace with your transition. And the more money part, that's yummy too!! Buona fortuna!

wcs said...

We shall raise a glass in your honor.

Full disclosure : we were likely to raise a glass anyway, it's just that now we shall think of spring in the Hudson Highlands, ramps, and headless horsemen while we do it.

Anonymous said...

Now you can just ride the ferry for fun! Congratulations - great news.

Bill Braine said...

Thanks, all. And now we've got flood insurance, too. So we're good.