Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Transitioneer, Issue Two: The Automotive Industry

This is really simple. The automotive portion of my commute is changing from a five-minute jaunt to the whole one-hour monkey. So: 1) $1k to replace the a/c on my $2500 eBay car? Or 2) a) Mini Cooper or b) Toyota Prius or c) Honda Civic? Oh, also, what is this – how you say – radio I hear about? And the book that is on the tape?


elkit said...

You could just drive an iPod. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have a 2004 Honda Civic with 40K miles on it and (knock on wood) no problems yet. I recommend it.

As for how to pass the time: NPR or CDs. Me, I like music so I have dozens and dozens of CDs that I listen to on my (admittedly short) commute. It helps to pass the time and to establish a mood (e.g., play upbeat stuff in the morning to get you going). Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yes, well, until the AppleWizards release the still-beta-version ICar (you KNOW they're working on it!!), may I weigh in with unbridled love for my Mini Cooper Convertible? She (her name is Moxie) is sleek and hip, bigger inside than she appears, and fun as all-out-heck to drive. She was also not crazy expensive for her stylishness and gets exceptional gas mileage (40orsoMPG). One of her Cooper brothers and sisters would be an excellent commute stallion for you.

And oh, Books-on-CD are definitely a great commute strategy. Good luck with the transition!

Anonymous said...

Radio? It's all about the iPod (or other mp3 player of your choice) these days, my friend. It's all about podcasts, personalized playlists, massive playlists played on "shuffle" to cretae the perfect personal radio station, etc. At least that's what all the cool cats are doing, daddy-o.