Friday, June 22, 2007

The Transitioneer, Issue Four: Payoffs

Lest you think The Transitioneer is a litany of complaints and a record of Fears of Change, try this on:
  • Two hours less commuting per day.
  • Higher pay.
  • Goodbye, subways. Goodbye. Goodbye.

I can just sit around for two extra hours a day spending money.* Who hasn’t dreamed of having that kind of time?

Also on the plus side? I won’t have to ride with the guy assembling his paintball gun in the seat across the aisle.**

*The author is joking.
**The author is, alas, not joking.


Anonymous said...

As much as I appreciate the subway and occasionally miss having such efficient public transportation I thank my lucky stars that I no longer have to ride it twice a day. Especially pregnant. Especially. That sucked.

Anonymous said...

Funny about that. I maintained a blog on that very subject a year or so ago, but since I started driving in, no more good stories.