Monday, June 18, 2007

The Transitioneer, Issue Three: Scenic Splendour

Perhaps I’ve mentioned once or twice that I currently commute by train along the Hudson River and how very nice that looks. In the winter, eagles and ice. In the summer, trees and…uhh, water. Big skies. Wide views. Great leaping splashes of mighty fish (truly). Storm King Mountain in all its majesty. Old, haunted castles. The sudden turn at Spuyten Duyvil and entry into the brick, concrete and steel of the Bronx, with bridges.

And next week? Okay, winding country roads and a beautiful bridge in the highlands over the river, fair enough, but after that it’s the flat black ribbon and a sea of cars, I fear. In the winter, ice — but dangerous fighting ice. And if I glance at an eagle, off the road I will careen. I’m not made for careening.

Maybe I’ll just tape some pictures of Yellowstone to the windshield to soothe me as I drive.


wcs said...

I heartily recommend against careening. No good ever came from it.

Amy Plum said...

Ah - you just answered my comment on the next post enquiring as to the picturesque-ness of your future commute.

Although it won't provide the breathtaking photos, we will get more stories and pics from all of that leisure time you're going to have now. Six of one, half dozen of the other. I'm looking forward to it!