Friday, March 2, 2007


For a little while after we moved in, the Boy, then age three, had a disconcerting habit of referring to The Changeout People. One memorable time, as we ate dinner, he indicated that they were sitting among us in the empty chairs. We told friends, and they revealed that their daughter, when they moved to their old farmhouse, told them about The Haircatchers, who lived in the walls.

How's the hair on your neck? Mine too.

So at work now we try to come up with these things. The Dustbreathers are pretty scary. And the Fingerprint Thief may come to you in the night.

So, beware, is all I'm saying.



Anonymous said...

Huge creepy factor! In addition to my 3 year old talking about weird stuff that isn't there, I get the willies when my dog stares at the wall for no good reason. Or when she barks at nothing and then closes the hall door with her snout. Sometimes I can chalk it up to the mouse living under the dishwasher but I think I do that so as not to freak myself out!

Bill Braine said...

I hope it's not the Furnace Children.

Anonymous said...

Kids say the darndest things. Just last night my 2 year old was saying "Dammit!" over and over again. Now where the f*ck do you think he'd get that from? Must be the Cursing People who live in the attic. . . .