Friday, June 27, 2008

The Walking Fool

In 2001, my friend Mark started walking from New Jersey to California. Several months later, in Sioux Falls, SD, he decided he was finished with the heat and mosquitoes, and came back to New York.

This March he set out again. I got a call from him tonight outside of Bancroft, Nebraska, and he wanted you all to know he was doing very well, but wouldn't mind a cool drink of water from friendly strangers now and then.

Please to visit his site and read his blog, then tell your Nebraskan friends to keep a friendly eye out, and wish him well. Someday you'll get to see the full documentary, the quality of which can be deduced from the trailer he made for a filmed version of his first trip.


Ken Broadhurst said...

The WF's blog seems to end on May 19. Hope he is doing okay.

Dave T Butler said...


If he's coming through Boulder, CO, send him our way.


Anonymous said...

Very inspiring. Makes me feel inadequate.

Bill Braine said...

Nonsense, Kim.

And he's out around Newport, NE, as of 7/8, walking the Cowboy Trail. He's mailing some notes to his friends (me, in this case) to use to update the blog.