Friday, June 13, 2008

$1m Ideas: Niche Social Media & Retiring "Wooooo"

I was writing an email earlier and started describing this novel I'm listening to on the CD, when it occurred to me that I should just put my impressions on Goodreads, where my correspondent would still see them, and I wouldn't have to go to the trouble of re-keying my opinion every time I wanted to tell it to someone. It then occurred to me: why not continue the fragmentation of subject-specific social media sites to the point of utter absurdity? For instance (and I'm sure these URLs are already taken, but obviously for the wrong reasons):

If you want to… then visit… and…
tell someone what you’re doing update your status for your followers.
recommend a moving book apply five stars to your latest read.
seek sympathy during your kids’ illnesses update the phlegm volume monitor and color chart.
describe an argument with your S.O. create a graph of how many times that jerk said "you're pronouncing it wrong."
proclaim allegience to your local professional sports franchise log in to your home field and place a fanpoints wager on the big game.
discuss the way you feel when you see your child succeed at something new use the big hammer to hit the pride bell, which causes ring.wav to launch on your followers’ pages.
let your professional connections know about your latest project complete the “What are you working on?” field.
note that you’ve found a weird bruise on your leg, but can’t remember bumping it on anything build-a-bruise™ using a color palette in yellows, purples and browns while your friends rate your injury with up to five(!) ice-packs.
extend this joke any farther the comments link do it there.


Can we please stop screeching "Woooooo?" It's embarrassing. I recommend that "Woooo" be replaced with a simple humming sound. How majestic that would be as it swelled over the crowd at the parade, sports event, or concert.

How old I must be.


zan said...

I allow myself one "wooooo" per show. And it must be used wisely. I abused it slightly tonight at the Swervedriver gig, but no one else seemed to mind. They couldn't hear me over their unison hum.

Bill Braine said...

And if anyone knows how to remove that giant gap above the table, hit me up at wmbraine [at] yahoo [period] com, wouldya?

wcs said...

Acme Giant Gap Remover. Now only $39.99. If you act before midnight tonight it can be yours for $39.98!

As seen on T.V.

Anonymous said...

Could've used this sort of website at my old job:

If you want to . . . complain about your micro-managing boss, go to . . . and describe his/her latest feats and/or foibles so that your friends can see just how lousy your workday really is. . . .

Mom101 said...


Can we make a tee shirt?

Bill Braine said...

Yes! Yes we can! Let's make one! What are you talking about!