Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Am Blinding You With Science (or Tarzan Not Be Ignored III)

For the third time in my short blogging career, I'm happy to report that there will be a total lunar eclipse tonight STARTING IN LIKE TEN MINUTES and reaching totality at around 10:3010:00. See! See!

The next one's in 2010, and I promise to give you better notice.

UPDATE: If you squinted and jerked your head from side to side, it looked like this:


wcs said...

Unfortunately for us here in France, totality (not to mention partiality) occurred around 4 am.

I was in dreamland.

Fortunately for us, last year's total eclipse happened at a civilized hour and I got photos, too!

One word, Bill: tripod.

Bill Braine said...

I don't think I needed a tripod. What I needed was some kind of sturdy, adjustable support mechanism.

Anonymous said...

Was driving north on the Thruway when the DJ on WDST (great station out of Woodstock, 100.1 on your FM dial) mentioned the eclipse and then played Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety for "Woodstock Jams," which began at 10 p.m. For the first time ever I actually used my car's moonroof to look at the moon. And almost drove off the road a couple times as a result. . . . BTW, it looked exactly like your picture from my vantage point (I did stop at a rest area, so it wasn't always just a stolen-glanced-blur at 70 -- err, 75 -- MPH).

Suzanne said...

Dude, why were you squinting and jerking your head from side to side? Your pictures may turn out a little better if you can hold yourself still for 5 seconds... sheesh.

I missed it. Holding my breath (and taking a photography class) until the next one. If I die doing this, I bequeath my tripod to you.

Anonymous said...

"What I needed was some kind of sturdy, adjustable support mechanism."

Sounds like you need a bra. You puttin' the pounds back on and growing man-boobs?

Claude said...

I'm totally overawed by the size and the brilliance of the star Exurbitude. I can assure you that nothing (in this world, or others) will ever eclipse it.

Bill Braine said...

I think everyone should pause a moment and take a lesson from Claudia in Toronto. Now THAT's how to leave a comment on a blog.

Heather B. said...

I was amazed at how clear it was. I could easily see it from inside of my apartment. It was actually one of the first that I've actively watched.