Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hey Honey! We're in the Paper!

"The only deck-truss bridge in New York that came through the recent spate of special inspections wearing a red flag is right here in Orange County — the Route 9W bridge over Popolopen Creek."

How about that? Right here in Orange County! Our own little bridge is famous! Isn't that something!? And don't forget the other one, with its yellow flag! Why that one's not far off, either! But Creamery Bridge Road can't compare to the Popolopen Creek bridge, no way. I mean, that's the one I cross twice a day, five days a week. The one over the deep, narrow gorge. The one wearing a brand-new, bright and snappy red flag.

Famous! You go, bridge!


wcs said...

You remind me of a recent article I read in the SF online paper. It seems that commuting in the rest of the country is now just as bad as it is in the SF Bay Area (and they often use the phrase "right here in the Bay Area").

The reporter actually sounded disappointed. Like they were proud to have had the worst traffic in the nation.

A culture out of control, that's what I say.

Bill Braine said...

It's not so much the traffic, in this case, as it is the fact that the bridge has cracks in it and might tumble down into the gorge.

But, y'know, gotta go to work!

wcs said...

No, see, I was just drawing a parallel. Or a tangent. Or something.

Be careful out there.

Magpie said...

You know, I've driven along the Popolopen Creek with my fly fishing husband, and never once knew how it was spelled. And the way it turns out to be spelled doesn't look anything like I'd have expected.

Magpie said...

PS - are you really going to get a Honda Fit? It's awfully cute.