Monday, August 27, 2007

Tarzan Not Be Ignored II

Last February, I wrote about the mighty battle in the sky visible to the Northeasern US, Amsterdam and France. And tonight the traditional foes -- lions and the moon -- tough it out over all of North America, but especially in those cities where my readers reside. Penumbralicious!


wcs said...

No eclipse for us here in France this time, although it was spectacular last March - no clouds.

Still, the full moon last night was something to see. Wow. And waking up this morning to it setting just out the bedroom window... very cool.

It just occurs to me that as I type this, the moon is just starting to do its shadow thing over North America.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the heads up! After reading your post last night, I set my alarm and my husband and I got up a 4am to see it here (Mountain Time). It was dang cool. I tried to take some pictures but between the blinding street light and my blurry 4am vision, they didn't turn out so hot.

But very, very cool, nonetheless.

Bill Braine said...

If I can help just one person sorta-witness nature's majesty, I have done my work.

I think that was the last N.A. total lunar eclipse for some time. They're spooky.