Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back in Business

The boat was back this morning despite the remaining ice, and tonight the announcement was made that we'd be back aboard for tomorrow's commute.



Amy Plum said...

It looks like you're commuting to the North Pole. Holy cow, it looks cold there!

Anonymous said...

My god! This looks like the last exit to a glacier. You really do this commute every day? I actually shivered when I saw that picture. (And believe me, it takes alot to get this girl to shiver all over!)

Bill Braine said...

I think it was in the mid-20s — a little warmer than it had been. It's mostly seawater, as the Hudson is in fact a tidal estuary, so it has to be really cold to freeze. Most of the ice flows down from the freshwater regions further upriver. The ferry-blocking ice ice formed during the two weeks where it was in the 1s.

And yes, I do this commute. Every. Day.

Relatively smooth ride this morning, some crunching.