Friday, November 1, 2013

Options: Open

My friends used to compete in something they called the Triathlon of Bullshit, which I believe to have been darts, bowling and billiards in the same evening. There may have also been a drinking component.

I thought of it because I am amused at the way November has transformed into Achievement! Month! in the last few years—this gray collapse of the year made warm with effort and creativity and hair growth. November athleticism, for the more literary/social mediaesque classes, could conceivably include writing a novel while posting on one's blog and growing a mustache. Of what is that a triathlon? It is surely a triathlon of something.

This post is just to ensure that my foot's in November's door; that I haven't missed my chance to Achieve! Daily! Blog posts!

The facial hair will take care of itself; I'm growing a beard. I'm doing another "final" polish on my 2009 NaNoWriMo effort. For this triathlon, of whatever it may be, count me in.

There may be a drinking component.


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