Friday, August 3, 2007

Another Day, Another F%cking Animal

I just grabbed bat #2 (or maybe it was #1, returned!) out of the fireplace, showed it off to an appreciative woman who lives with me, and tossed it out into the night. Between the bats and the snakes, I'm wondering if maybe Lord Voldemort, from the Harry Potter books*, hasn't taken up residence in our cellar.

*Hi! You must be from Google. I live upstate! (Also, Lindsay Lohan!)

UPDATE: No search hits for Harry Potter or Lindsay Lohan, but I did get someone looking for "man fcking animal," so I guess I'm on the right track! Go Internet!


Diego Fernández Magdaleno said...

Hudson Valley!

Suzanne said...

Ewww... bats. You are brave. Here we have black widows; big, juicy ones. Every once in awhile I take the spider spray and work up the nerve to look into the window wells. It gives me shudders thinkin about it!

Bill Braine said...

Black widows? I'll take bats, thankee.

Heather B. said...

We get random deer and bunnies. Obviously not in the house but close enough. Can't wait for the winter when the mice invade looking for warmth. I'd feel bad if they weren't tiny rodents invading my space.

Such is life in Upstate.