Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Different Take

The new commute takes me (by car) over the river on the Bear Mountain Bridge, then into the wild roads of northern Westchester. It's interesting; there are ways to go that don't involve big highways and multilane clogs. This morning, with a little extra time, I pulled into a scenic overlook not far from the bridge and wondered if my former train was passing below. There were signs of eagles.

See? Signs, of eagles.


Amy H said...

It looks beautiful. The mountain, not the sign.

Viaggiatore said...

Good for you!!! 'Pull off into scenic overlooks on your normal drive' - this should be one of the instructions life comes with: take time to be astounded by the beauty of the everyday. Now that you don't have the train window to gaze out, you'll have to make it a point to stop and breathe in the view occasionally.