Thursday, January 10, 2008

You're Probably Wondering What's Under the Overhang Next to the Garage

1) Plastic "lawn bench" 2) paint cans 3) plastic basketball net 4) folded 20' x 20' vinyl banners printed with paintings by Degas and Modigliani 5) sawhorses 6) snake containment equipment (old kitty litter container, stick) 7) plastic flowerboxes 8) planting trays 9) bucket 10) recycling bin containing broken vintage glass 11) plastic bucket containing rusty, dangerous old bits of metal 12) plastic flowerpots 13) chaises longues (plastic) 14) bricks 15) box labeled 'eBay' containing various kitchenware.

What's under the overhang beside YOUR garage? he asked, in a transparent attempt to garner comments.


Anonymous said...

No garage so I'm going with the blue tarp, lean-to, shed-like eye-sore that I keep up simply to annoy my neighbours. 1. dirt bike, 2. broom, 3. lawn mower (too late to dig it out of the drifting snow), 4. patio umbrella, 5. extra shovel handles (aka sticks) 6. the boy's running shoes (smell really bad) 7. wet cardboard boxes and 8. a snow shovel. Thanks for asking.

wcs said...

...and a partridge in a pear tree.

But seriously, folks, I do have an overhang. There are: 1 rotting pumpkin, many clippings from pruned roses that must be picked up by spring, a pile of rocks, a stack of bricks, several empty pots, a board, some broken paving blocks, a piece of galvanized metal pipe, a partial bag of potting soil, and a painting of a shark with antlers.

Just kidding about that last one.

Magpie said...

Those are some big banners! What are you going to do, use them as tarps?

Under my deck: a garbage pail of potting soil, a bunch of flat rocks, the lawnmower, some empty pots, and some other things that are not springing to mind.

It's tidier than those places usually are, because I live with a compulsive freak.

Bill Braine said...

WCS, there was LOL.

Magpie, yeah, I cut pieces off the banners as needed -- a swanlike neck here, a ballet-slippered foot there -- to use as tarps or to pay down as weed inhibitors.

Bill Braine said...

"lay" down

Anonymous said...

From memory: all the things that you,folks, mention (+ + + +) were IN the garage. that's why we had to keep the car outside!

Antonia Cornwell said...

The closest thing I have is the Filthy Bit Outside the Kitchen Door. It's a small area about 1 x 3 metres with steps going up to the garden. It's the same, in spirit, as under your overhang.

1. Large garish red & blue plastic container that used to be under-the-bed storage. Now garden storage. Contains nothing. Been there 1 year.

2. Leaves. (Been there 4 months.)

3. More leaves.

4. Wrought-iron scrollwork grille that used to be fixed to the kitchen door (3 years.)

5. Two panes of glass that we never got round to using for extra soundproofing in the basement (3 years).

6. Two plastic watering-cans (3 years).

7. One two-foot-high, arrestingly lifelike plastic owl (2.5 years).

8. One brush squirrel, made of natural materials (since Christmas).

Ask me again this time next year.

Laurie said...

Our over hang is our hiding place. It is between the garage and the neighbors fence. I'd venture to say alot of spiders live there as it is mostly our rotting pile of wood we use for the firepit when we are craving a marshmellow to go with that glass of whine..
We are a cultured bunch of rednecks here...

Anonymous said...

The old storm door from the front of the house; the garbage "can" -- which is really plastic but still I call it a can (and it's not by the garage Sunday evening through Monday evening, because at that time it is curbside inasmuch as the garbage gets picked up Monday morning); decaying old plants from the summer (and the containers in which they rot -- not the containers, though; they're plastic); and lots of old, rotting leaves that I keep meaning to rake.