Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Get Rich Quick

Am I the only one who’s ever thought it’d be great to get rich quick? How come there’s no industry for that? Here’s how it would work: I’d be on my way to my job, and suddenly I’d stop at an ATM and do a balance inquiry, and I’d see a LOT more money in there than I thought I should have.*

What could be wrong with that? Okay, fine, if I have to do some work for it, so be it. Here’s my blog. Who’s buying? Just another week or two and my AdSense revenues will start. I think. Maybe I should have an IPO to raise capital for my projects, then write about the projects and sell ads next to the pretty words about the projects. Then, quickly – and it’s important that it be quick or I’d just spend it on groceries and baseboards – I am rich. And those wise shareholders who got in on the ground floor, well, they’re rich too. I mean, they’d have to be, to blow coin on my blog IPO.

Any financial advisors out there? Whaddaya think, IPO?

*This seems likely to me, as the converse has happened hundreds of times.


Anonymous said...

I once found a ATM receipt in the machine just as I was about to use it. The balance was for over a million bucks. I just stood there in awe with my jaw on the ground staring at this beautiful piece of paper and at the same time sick in my heart that I would never see that happen in my own account.

Here's the kicker, Mystery Millionaire only took out $40!

Bill Braine said...

It was yen.

Please, lord, let it have been yen.

Amy Plum said...

I think that the distribution of wealth should be based on how deserving someone is - not how hard they work or how much money their grandparents put into their trust fund.

I mean, we're deserving aren't we? We so deserve to be rich.

wcs said...

I think there's enough moolah floating around in the world so that everyone could be given a million (dollars, Bill), and there'd still be the same amount of stinking filthy rich folks out there. But, we'd each have a million. I could live very nicely for the rest of my life on that.

Just a thought. I, too, am waiting for that balance increase phenom at the ATM...

Ken Broadhurst said...

The opposite happens to me, too, at the ATM. I go to get money and it says I have 1000 American dollars. And it says it can have 724 euros for that. Now what's fair about that?

The way dollars are going, they are fast becoming yen.