Monday, March 12, 2007

Live! Music!

Y’all down in New York City (and France…bonjour France!) probably don’t get the opportunity to see well-known musicians in very intimate venues within perfectly-preserved 19th-century mansionswith potluck luncheon & dessert — at reasonable prices. Here in upstate New York, however, such things are possible. So it was that on Sunday afternoon we drove to Middletown to hear Marshall Crenshaw in just such a setting. He does complicated things with an old hollow-body Gibson while doing seemingly-simple things with lyrics and very complicated things with his phrasing. And then there are cookies.

And if y’all down in New York City spent Sunday afternoon recovering from seeing some really excellent cutting-edge band at Bowery Ballroom and staying out till four drinking whiskey and posing naked in Central Park for Spencer Tunick photos then dropping acid and going to L’Express for croissant, I can only say that you missed quite a show.


Amy Plum said...

Ooh - that would have been a hard choice: NYC wild weekend or upstate NY potluck Crenshaw extravaganza. I just sat here and watched cows.

Bill Braine said...

The NYC weekend wasn't an option for us, really. Weekends are for upstate. We DID have the option of watching cows, but we chose Marshall. He'd be flattered, no doubt.