Monday, January 15, 2007


There were numerous tributes to Mr. Levine in today's paper, as well as a simple obituary printed on the usual page. I read it last, more and more weighed down by the weekend's events with each line.

Then I glanced at the page opposite. There was a headline that said "Celebrate Life." Ah, yes, the upcoming Celebrate Life Half Marathon. I ran it last year. It was one of my best races. It benefits a group called CROC -- Citizens Reunited to Overcome Cancer. It was cancer that took our family friend. Early Sunday morning, a running buddy had offered to train with me for this year's race, but I didn't think I had time.

And now there it was, right there across from the obituary, in fancy script: "Celebrate Life." I was tired, and thought something like yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, celebrate THIS. Except that underneath the headline, in the center of the page, directly opposite Mike Levine's portrait, was a picture of me, running.

Guess I should run it again, huh? Ya think?

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