Friday, September 21, 2007

Full Disclosure: James Ferrara is an Exceptional Photographer*

When you have kids as easy on the eye as our kids are, you want to document that. We chose James Ferrara, a photographer from the area, because his work captures children, adults, couples and pets with near perfection. His shots are exquisite: the light tends toward the Old Masterish, softly illuminating the downiest curve of every cuddlesome face; the richness of his color work and the in-the-moment emotion of his wedding photography leap from the surface. If you live anywhere near the Hudson Valley and need an event or portrait photographer, James is your man. Check out the portfolio at his website and learn a little more at his blog.

(These are proofs)

* And, also, we bartered a discount in exchange for the ad at left. So click hearty, friends.


Jayne said...

Without a doubt, some of the finest portrait work I've seen. How lucky to capture the lil ones at this age.

LetterB said...

Lovely! I adore a good portrait. Someday I will get to see the many my husband has taken when he finishes the dark room in the basement. Goddamn stone age technology.

Lebo said...

Cutest kids I have ever seen.

Amy H said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. They do have an Old Master's feel.